Hope Island


After months of procrastinating starting this blog I have been overwhelmed with happiness at the response. And also a little bit scared. Yesterday I took Posy for a walk on the beach in an attempt to stop checking my Twitter feed every 5 seconds. I was feeling a little sad so the plan was either the beach would cheer me up or I would get buy an ice lolly and that would cheer me up instead right? (wrong!) We got to the beach and the ice cream van was gone so we walked over to the sea and saw an island of sand had appeared just off the shore. It had been separated from the rest of the beach by the tide and as soon as I go to sea I waded out to conquer it’s untouched soils. To my utter surprise Posy ran across the sea to join me on the island which was incredible because she hates water and it reached almost up to the top of her legs.

We ran around the island and then we lay down and looked at the sky and wished that Catsby was with us and we watched the birds and the clouds and the sea as it made our island smaller and smaller. We stayed on the island for ages just lying and thinking and watched the sun setting. When we left our island we both felt happy and calm and like we knew what we were doing and why we were doing it. Even though we know our island is probably underwater again now we know that we will go back to it one day. We decided to call it Hope Island because we used to think hope was the enemy because it only led to disappointment but we are starting to realise that hope is real and we feel it every day. Even on the bad days. We are the only people who have ever lived on our island and we are very happy we got to spend such a lovely afternoon on it.

That was our day. Hope yours was lovely.


25 thoughts on “Hope Island

  1. Scarly, sounds as if you had a great Easter Sunday with lots of room for your soul to breath and your imagination to unfurl. I spent the day at my sister’s place – which is fantastic while it lasts, but always makes me feel very lonely and small when I get back to my place afterwards. I appreciated the song of the blackbirds washing all over me in the evening – it helped.
    By the way: I really missed your voice on Twitter during your silent months. It’s good to hear you’re back. Let me know if you need a brief letter or postcard of encouragement. My inkwell and stamps are always right next to my desk.

  2. Our son is suffering from depression right now, has had to leave uni and come home – he is 19 -. He feels like such a failure and as if he has lost everything he worked for but reading your blog and knowing what you have gone through as a teenager is so helpful to me as a mum, seeing things from a young person’s perspective. I hope he will read it too eventually. You’re a brave girl and I hope that your feeling of hope gets stronger every day.

    1. I’m so so sorry he’s going through that! Once my back got better I went back to school for about 6 months but then had to drop out because of the depression. I literally felt like the most useless person in the whole world and like I’d purposefully messed everything up. I think the thing to remember is that getting better is so so so so much more important than ANYTHING else and to focus on that instead of what you are missing. People so often think depression is a choice when actually it’s just like breaking your leg or something, you literally can’t carry on with what you are doing. I hope he feels better soon!

      1. Thanks Scarlett, that’s very sweet of you. All the best for a full recovery and a “hope-full” future.

  3. Such a beautiful and moving piece of writing. I wish more people could read it – it deserves a much wider audience. Hope is always there, you just have to find it – looks like you did that yesterday. As your island got smaller Hope was handed over to you to grow . . . .

  4. Thought I saw you having a cuppa in ” Bernard” was it you? Looked like you were having a nice relaxing day !

    1. Hahaha yes it probably was me! I went there to read my book 🙂 But the thing I”m writing about here was on walberswick beach alas. Southwold is way to busy to be able to lie in the middle of the sea!

  5. So glad you are back writing again, I too have found hope again after many years of chronic back pain and struggling. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

  6. Scarlet, I enjoyed this especially – be careful going to your island and I’m glad you had a wonderful day with a Posy – beautiful Posy! I look forward to all your blogs now.x

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  7. Glad you had a happy adventure – moments to treasure are wonderful – thank you for your blog – really excellent 🙂

  8. Lots of people ( more than you can possibly realise) are willing you on to happier times. You probably have so many followers you don’t even know about, who want you to be whoever you want to be. Me included.

  9. I absolutely LOVE your writing & your honesty, it’s so inspiring and offers so much hope to young people suffering from similar issues. I also ADORE your bio pic below the blog post……NYC, right?? You look stunning!! X

  10. This is beautifully written Scarlett, truly. It reminds me of a similar moment I had in 1993. I’d had to leave college as I was unwell. Everything was wrong and there didn’t seem to be anything good in the world. Then one morning at the bus stop Iheard a bird singing in a tree. I think it was the first time I’d felt positive about anything for a veeeery long time. It took years of practice to enjoy good moments when they cane along. It’s hard to trust the good feelings at first. I was suspicious. Was it REALLY ok to be working in an art shop surrounded by beautiful prints when everyone else was graduating? I wish I could go back and tell myself that more important than exams was feeling well and having (imagine it) just a little fun and happiness. Your blog is already a huge help. It’s a wonderful thing.

    1. Thank you Emma! You are literally the nicest person ever. It’s so odd how beautiful things can happen all the time and mean nothing but then sometimes everything aligns and it all suddenly becomes very meaningful! Hopefully see you soon 🙂 x

  11. This 57 year old Canadian just got a lift from your wise words and Posey’s bravery . Thanks girls.

  12. I’m tired, stressed and was feeling a little sorry for myself when I saw a tweet mentioning your blog. I headed over, have just read this post and feel all calm and have images of a beautiful beach and island in my head.


    Beautifully written. I’ll be back to read more for sure.

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