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This awesome website tells you… well you can see above what it tells you. But it has hundreds of book recommendations and seeing as how The Marriage Plot and The Art of Fielding are two of my all time faves I’m planning on giving The Lacuna a try.

Like This...

This gallery of incredibly sexist adverts from the 70s.


Most importantly of all this speech by Amy Schumer. Which might be one of the best things I’ve ever read.

Celebrities Visit "Late Show With David Letterman" - April 1, 2014

This idea for a snack. The recipe’s not in English but I’d put money on ‘Smelt chokolade’ meaning melt the chocolate.


Because funny. And true. *cry laugh*


My two favourite dresses from the Met Ball. Apart from my floor length nightie. Which I wore proudly while staying up all night on Instagram stalking the beautiful people.

emma and lena

And this example of Emma Stone being awesome.


Oh and also this example of Emma Stone being awesome.

And this funny Spiderman comic.


And this. Because ‘My So Called Life’ era Claire Danes in a field in dungarees really is the ultimate state of being.


And if you’re a fan of art but always thought it was lacking some emoji’s then this website is for you.


Because funny.


And let’s all hope this is true…


Happy clicking!



6 thoughts on “Click on This List

  1. LOL, Emma Stone is awesome but I really love the ‘What is a person from London called?’. I also LOVED my so called life and spent many a Sunday morning dreaming about Jared Leto. Ahem. Back to work.

  2. My so called life! Thank you for reminding me of that awesome programme, how I so wanted to be Claire Danes, yeah maybe I still do. I’ve been following you on Instagram for ages but never read your blog, so lovely and funny.

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