Brooklyn Beckham and The Daily Telegraph


In case you missed the groundbreaking news Brooklyn Beckham got a job in a coffee shop. Okay fine, maybe it’s not groundbreaking news but even so English newspaper The Daily Telegraph seemed to think it was worth writing about and I was very VERY honoured as a child-of-a-mildly-famous-person to be asked to write the article.

Writing for a real life actual made of paper newspaper is something I never thought I’d actually get to do and when I opened up the paper yesterday morning and saw my name and face and words what I had written I was extremely excited. I’m staying in the country at the moment and all the papers had sold out at our local shop so I had to steal one from behind the counter. If you’re in the Suffolk area please don’t tell the police.

Writing about my mum and dad is something I’ve wanted to do for a while as I know it’s a reason that a lot of people read this blog. But what I tried to say in the article is that I hope by now it’s not the only reason. And I’d suggest that if it is still the only reason you should maybe stop reading it and watch Greys Anatomy instead. Because that would probably be a better use of your time.

You can read the article online here (or you can you can squint very hard and read it from the picture) or you can just not read it at all.

Hope you’re having a lovely day.





22 thoughts on “Brooklyn Beckham and The Daily Telegraph

  1. To get an article in ‘The Daily Telegraph’ is quite a start to a career and an interesting one at that and I think you are doing quite well with articles like this one and love your blogs! Please continue! Btw I have followed you since you were a ‘teenage granny’ so nothing to do with mum and dad!!

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  2. I imagine you’ll find that most people who read your blog had no idea who your parents are. (Or maybe I’m just hopeless out of the loop and one of very people who were ignorant of the facts of your lineage. In which case … damn.)

    I was only thinking this morning that although I’m not at all keen on cooking, I thoroughly enjoy reading your recipes. It’s a bit sad, though, to see the excited anticipation on the faces of those I (should) cook for fade to disappointment when they realise that the pleasure I take in reading your blogs is entirely ‘literary’ and that I have absolutely no intention of actually making any of the wonderful things you write about so wonderfully!

    I venture to suggest (with all due respect to your parent) that it won’t be long before your father is being referred to as ‘Richard Curtis, father of successful writer Scarlett’.

    1. Haha this is the best comment ever! Thank you so much. I have a similar reaction when I bake something but don’t let anyone eat it for hours because I’m waiting to take photos of it. 3 hangry (hungry and angry) brothers is not a pretty sight! Thank you for being so nice. x

  3. Dear Scarlett,

    I found your Teen Granny blog by following your Mum’s twitter account (I’m a Comic Relief supporter), but how I came to read your work or who your parents are doesn’t matter. You are funny, creative and wise and now my 13 yr old twin daughters read your blog and try lots of your ideas (one memorable occasion was when Daisy hid our labradoodle puppy Ruby in amongst her teddies as a homage to ‘Where’s Posy’. Disaster.) Please keep inspiring them, you are lovely.

    PS When your father was on The One Show ages ago and the girls wondered who he was, I just said “That’s Teen Granny’s Dad.” Nuff said.

  4. To be honest, I read your article online yesterday and subscribed to your blog immediately after I finished it! Of course I’ve heard of your parents, but your writing is so good, I hope this article won’t be your last. You’re an inspiration. Keep up the great attitude (and writing) .

  5. Scarlet I too found your blog by recommendation for YOUR skills in crafts and baking and especially for the enthusiastic way you articulate your interests and make ME want to try things. I had no idea who your parents were. You were a star of your own making. Great article. I look forward to watching your star rise higher & higher. Your parents will be famous one day for producing you. Thanks. Xxxx

  6. Hi, you write beautifully. You have such diverse subjects which makes interesting reading; often making me smile. I used to be a cook but I too haven’t tried any of your recipes. When I eventually get into the mood I may be brave enough to try.

  7. I read your blog because I love it. I actually look forward to it popping up in my inbox. You write so well and with such honesty.And you write about cake which is a subject very close to my heart. Also because I have been in and out of depression since I was 15, so that’s 21 years of learning to outsmart the black cloud that likes to follow me about. Your wonderful blog reminds me i’m not alone. Thank you for writting it. xx

  8. Yay yay yay! How exciting. I am probably totally daft but have no idea who your folks are. (Though thats not saying much. I once did a contact lens fitting for one of then current English Rugby team who shall remain nameless and asked him if ‘he played much sport?’! ) Super exciting stuff though and am off to have a read of it now. Well done lovely x

  9. Don’t worry about why people read your blog. It’s like you said In your article, if Brooklin makes crap coffee, he’ll be no good to anyone. Same with your blog, if it was no good, people would stop reading it. You can write, don’t you worry about that. It was a very well observed, well writen piece and it was really nice reading about your Mum and Dad.

  10. I read your piece on the Daily UK website today and followed the link to your blog. I don’t know who your parents are, but I know what anxiety and depression are…you are a gift to the world!

  11. I can recommend Murder, She Wrote DVDs for late night viewing when you can’t sleep. Angela Lansbury is the best and the series is warm and cozy with a little murder mystery thrown in. Also, Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa is a great cooking show.

    Found your blog from the Daily Mail. You are a very talented writer, keep up the good work! Kudos from the US.

  12. Dear Scarlett,
    Thank you for your article in the Daily Mail. It resonated very personally with me. You (and your parents) should be very proud of your work and your fantastic attitude. I’m really bored of feeling ashamed (+anxious&depressed) too. Perhaps I’ll take your advice and try to treat it a bit like Kimye…
    Best of luck with your baking & writing,
    PS – Am very glad to add your charming blog to my insomniac reading list. If you are ever up late and want to read something soothing, try this one – hours of glittery distraction…

  13. You’re right….I admit it…..I started reading your blog because your mum tweeted about it…..but….there’s no way I would carry on reading it simply because I happen to adore your dad’s films!
    I read your blog because your experience of depression resonated with me. I am so unbelievably impressed with the way you handle it! I was rubbish! Totally introverted, stay at home and moped!
    It’s very difficult for someone as old as I am (pretty ancient) to admit that a young lady in her teens is way more sensible than I am, but, you are!
    So never mind who your parents are..I want to read your stuff because you’re articulate, sensible, funny and actually quite inspirational…
    Thanks Scarlett xxx 🙂

  14. I came here via the DM article you wrote. It was lovely. You have a gentle way of writing that soothingly carries one on. Very good future for you.

  15. Hi Scarlett. I must admit to not having a clue who your parents were when I started reading your blog. All I knew was that you were someone who has had problems I can identify with, and who is dealing with those problems in a wonderfully creative way. Also, you write beautifully, and make me smile.

  16. I live in Chicago and started following you on a recommendation from a baker. You have a wonderful way of writing about pain and sadness with a great sense of humor AND you share recipes and photos. Knowing that you have a famous family is interesting for a moment but your voice and content is why I follow you. Stay strong Scarlett.

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