A Week in Cornwall

Last week me and my mum decided to take a mildly spontaneous trip to Cornwall (anything that includes bringing along 2 massive suitcases and one small dog can never be that spontaneous). We decided to go because Cornwall is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world but also because I was starting to go a little stir crazy. I love London and my house and my home a lot but it’s also always going to be the place where I’ve been sick. The place where I’ve spent weeks in my bedroom literally not being able to move and weeks in my bedroom able to move but definitely not wanting to. I needed to get out, and get away, and Cornwall felt like the perfect place for that.

I think it’s important to remember that you’re never actually truly stuck anywhere. I know for me when I start to feel down the effort of even moving from my bedroom to the sitting room downstairs feels like running a marathon wearing a wet onesie. But it is possible. It’s always possible. Even if it’s just going for a walk round the block, or taking some time out to hide in the loo at a horrible party… or running away to Cornwall for a week. If you’re starting to feel like the walls are closing in on you, try to take a break from those walls, and when you get back I bet they’ll seem a lot friendlier. Or maybe just a bit more like normal walls.

Anyway here are some pictures from our time in Cornwall. It was sunny and seasidey and like the most magical place on earth (unless Hogwarts really exists, in that case Cornwall is the second most magical place on earth). My favourite place we went was St Just in Roseland church. Which was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been or probably ever will go in my life. We also went to an amazing cafe in Fowey called Pinky Murphy’s. It has an Elvis in Hawaii theme and baskets of unfinished knitting for you to do while you’re waiting for your food. Just round the corner from Pinky Murphy’s is a shop called White Doll Arts that me and mum had been to before and we ran down the road like to crazy lady’s to try and find again. It has smiling pile of poo broaches and bowls of tiny knitted babies. It’s heaven. I want to move there.

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Hope your having a lovely week.



20 thoughts on “A Week in Cornwall

  1. How lovely to find dog friendly eating places. Love Cornwall in Devon its lovely too you would enjoy Totnes

  2. Annoyed I spent a weekend in St Mawes and didn’t know about St Just. Looks much nicer than twee St Ives.

  3. Cornwall is magical, you’re right! I spent 5 weeks there in Sept/Oct and it has me under its spell. The scenery, the old smugglers’ cottages, the sea air, the friendly locals, the arts & crafts, the folk nights – all brilliant! A highlight for me was catching the bus to Mawnan Smith and hiking up to their 12th century church for the pet service they were holding – there were dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and even chickens! Posy would have loved Cornwall, I bet. Its very dog friendly. Your photos really capture Cornwall’s many charms. Glad you enjoyed your time away.

  4. Hi Scarlett…we’re off to Cornwall next week. Soooo looking forward to it! We’re staying just near Polperro so will definitely be going to Fowey, which we love. I’m not sure anywhere restores the soul and spirit like the sea, but especially the Cornish sea! I’m glad you were able to go. Keep going lovely girl xxx

  5. Your photos are just beautiful…so vibrant! They really captured the relaxing holiday mood. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have become an avid followers of your blog and wish you so much personal joy and fulfillment through it. Your self honesty and willingness to be so vulnerable is brave and admirable. To encourage you will become the master of your personal demons with time. I say this with absolutel confidence because if you keep on approaching them the way you are you will succeed. It is a slow process but I did it and truly believe you can too.

  7. Beautiful photos Scarlett- thank you. I fell in love with Cornwall last summer and can’t wait to go back someday. You are a very brave and inspirational young woman and I love reading all your posts- there’s been something in every one that’s spoken to me! Congratulations on your newspaper articles also – totally impressive!

  8. I love Cornwall it’s my favourite place and Pinky Murphy’s is just the best café ever, love it there, especially there breakfasts.

  9. Wasn’t sure I liked the sound of ‘poo broaches’, but loved the photos – and the simile ‘running a marathon wearing a wet onesie’!
    You know how, if you look really, really hard, you can always find a ‘sign’ that you should do the thing you want to do but can’t quite justify? I’ve been thinking about going to Constantine Bay for a few days, and you have just provided me with a (very enjoyable-to-read) sign that I should do just that. Hotel booked, wetsuit in the bag!

  10. Love your blog Scarlett. I have a teenage daughter of your age and I think it’s really brave and incredibly helpful that you write so honestly about the stresses and strains of growing up. Particularly today when young people are under so much pressure to succeed from such a young age. Also the photos are great – you have the second cutest dog in the world (after mine) and I will now have to go to Cornwall with my 12 year old to find poo broaches.

  11. Lovely pictures – am off to Cornwall for long weekend next month camping near Boscastle – looking forward to this even more ofter your blog – thank you
    Hope your Bank Holiday weekend is fabulous x

  12. If I lived anywhere near Cornwall I would be there in a flash after seeing your photos! What kind of dog is your dog? My middle son has a bo-shih–not sure how to spell–half Boston terrier & half shih tsu. Her name is Sadie & what a sweetheart. And I love that sign: Food refusal will be punished.

  13. Getting away like this is so wise that around 9 owls I know have nodded their approval.

    I didn’t give you permission to take that photo of me (the one below the pretty garden). I didn’t have a chance to style my hair.

    Very slightly disappointed not to see a picture of the poo brooches.

  14. I have a shed/studio. It’s where I make a lot of my jewellery. It has broadband and a wireless and quilts and a sofa and ALL my postcards (approx 327) and my favourite books and lots of tat (old crates and vintage things mostly). It is brilliant for escaping, except that it’s at the bottom of the garden. It’s basically a den. it’s like having a holiday only at home and sometimes for only 20 minutes at a time but it’s utterly brill. I’ve put pebbles and shells in front of it – my pretend beach. Worth considering x

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