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Scarlett Curtis is an English writer, journalist, and blogger from the UK, currently living and working in New York. She is New York contributing editor at Elle Magazine and has had work published in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, Vogue and a number of other online and offline magazines and newspapers.

TShe worked for 18 months as social media director of the UN’s campaign ‘The Global Goals’ and is a passionate activist, currently working with the Un-Idle Collective; an online and offline activism collective for young women.

In February 2017 she began writing a weekly column for The Sunday Times Style newspaper titled The Generation Z Hit List; her job is essentially to watch TV, google things and listen to podcasts and she really can’t imagine anything better. 


51 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Scarlet, I chanced upon your blog via your mother’s twitter feed, I’m a 45 year old of 3 boys (18,15 & 13) I’m not totally au fait with all things social media, really I just like to read mad daft things (hence me following your mother – it was the tiara wearing that I particularly admired) Anyway, like I say I happened across your blog, thought I had to tell you how awfully brave you have been, how inspiring and just how “up” and lovely you sound. It was also the hot Ribena thing – my fav hot drink ever. That & Greys Anatomy – love that program but lost sight of it after it stopped being aired on normal telly, I’m just too old to chase it round freeview or wherever it went. Keep up the good work Jane xxx

    1. Hi Scarlett! I really like your blog! I also have quite bad anxiety and depression about school! I’m 13 years old and I look up to you and youtubers as well because they make me happy and take my mind of being stressed! I like youtubers such as Joe sugg and zoë sugg! I have started baking just like you suggested and it works! I love the whole creativity of baking! I first noticed you in the lovely Tanya burrs vlog and from then I absolutely needed to find your blog! I really feel that I can talk to you if I am having worries even though you might not get this but still great job! Xx

  2. You may have already read it but Sane New World by the fabulous Ruby Wax is a very thought provoking read. Its also very funny. I know this is only the very start of your blog, but I already know its going to be truly fab. Much love xx

  3. Welcome back to the internet. 🙂 I’m a little tipsy right now, but I shall be reading your blog regularly with interest (when I’m sober) I’ve got my own blog, it’s a good outlet for stress etc – good luck 🙂

    Richy B

  4. You are such a nice young girl,Scarlett.It is our pleasure to read your blog and see your crafts.you have a gifted hand.love you:)Xx

  5. Scarlet you are a wise, articulate & sensitive person. I look forward to reading your blog. You are also very brave to share your feelings. This will help both you & many others who feel the same. I wish you well & am very humbled by your honesty. Xx

  6. Really looking forward to reading your blog. I’m glad you have the courage to be honest about your feelings and experiences, it can really help others in the same boat who feel isolated. Being a teenager is difficult at the best of times but having to endure chronic pain during these years must have been awful. You come across as a smart, talented young woman who I’m sure has a wonderful life ahead of her.
    Love your Prince William doll by the way, really made me smile!

  7. You should be making movies! Taking the feel good movies of Richard Curtis and adding a more youthful and contemporary glamorous feel!!! 🙂

  8. Hi Scarlett, I too love baking and knitting but most of all reading. Have you read Blackbringer (Dreamdark) by Laini Taylor. I loved it, its so unusual and got such a feisty little heroine. Never be ashamed about depression. Would you be ashamed if you broke your arm, its an illness just the same. Your mum and dad must be very proud of your talent – the writing and the baking! Keep it up, good luck.

  9. Dear Scarlett

    I read your piece about baking and depression in the paper today and want to say how very impressed I am by your thoughtful and sensitive writing. Not often do I read when flicking through the Daily Mail’s side bar of shame but your writing moved and engaged me all the way to the end. I hope to read more.

  10. Scarlett, I think you have a very good future ahead of you. You have discovered what I have known for many years (I’m in my 50’s) and that is that hobbies and creativity make people happy and aid coping. I am a compulsive baker, though these days mostly of yeasted products. Homemade Raspberry Danish are so divine! I also paint watercolours, design machine embroidery and recently got into paper craft with a Silhouette Cameo cutter – you design in the software and send it to a machine to cut it out, it’s great fun! You can make stencils, cut T shirt vinyl, make cards, loads of stuff! I think you’d enjoy it! I recently started my own blog on paper crafting, http://createinspain.blogspot.com.es; Createinspain on Youtube and have had a baking site for years. I love that you are encouraging other young people to do something other than expect someone else to make them whole.
    I wish you every success, you rock!

  11. Hola Scarlett,

    I think you´re very brave, I´ve also suffered from depression and panic attacks for years and it does gets better, just be kind to you.

    Loads of love from Spain

  12. I am working on the same issues as you are, except I do have pain. I use a wheelchair as well.I’m older than you however you sound so much more mature then I am. Lol. I think baking helps for a couple of reasons; you have to focus (distracts your mind) it’s ritualistic or a routine ( all counselors have told me routine is a great thing for depression) oh and you have a goal and accomplish that goal . You helped remind me of this and how I might apply it to my own life. Thank you. I think your my hero, cool chick!

  13. Such a good, honest and sensitive blog, Scarlett. Well done on the cooking, knitting, (and coping!) fronts. It may not feel like it sometimes, but it WILL all continue to get better over time…

  14. Thank you so much for such an articulate insight into depression. My 16 year old daughter had toxic shock and as a result lost her fallopian tubes. What followed was long periods of depression,anxiety,panic attacks, insomnia, intolerance to lots of foods and loss of her friends. Many a long scarf was knitted and we became knitting buddies and I believe she knows the complete series of friends inside and out. To read such a touching,elegant, heartfelt and beautiful written account has really struck a cord with me. Keep up the excellent writing. x

  15. Having suffered from anxiety and depression I can empathise with you, as I have got older my symptoms have become less severe and I hope with time you find peace and joy in your life. I hated it when I was particularly bad some people used to tell me ‘pull yourself together’, if only it was so easy.

  16. Hi Scarlett, just started reading your blog today and straight away you reminded me of my young self. I too at 17 had a severe eating disorder that developed after the death of my mum that saw me hospitalised several times over many years. I can also remember dreading going out to night clubs on a friday night, but doing it cos i though that it what a girl of my age should be doing, when all i really wanted to do was get my PJs on and snuggle up in my lovely home with my little doggy. I can remember overthinking everything and suffering real anxiety over social situations. I am now 46 years old (still 17 in my head and actions) and i am a very proud mum to 3 gorgeous girls living in France. Megan, my middle child, is now at uni in Bordeaux and has days when her panic attacks are so bad, she would rather walk an hour than take a 5 minute tram journey through the city. Do her anxieties come from me? i dont know, maybe it is a learned behaviour. Megan has a daily battle but is doing well and intends to fight her panic attacks and not let them disable her. I now do the things that please me in my life and not necessarily what other people expect me to do, which actually gets rid of a lot of the stress. If staying in and baking is what makes you feel good at the moment; then you do it. I will continue to follow your blog Scarlett, love and happiness, and just be yourself!!!

  17. Hi Scarlett,

    My name is Louise and I really enjoyed reading your blog. I myself find baking has helped me so much. I suffered a panic attack in July 2012(a stressful time as my brother was in rehab as he is an alcoholic) ….months of CBT along with anti-depressants followed and I still suffer a bit. You know I was told that its not something that goes away but something you have to learn to control and deal with and I guess live with. My life is so much now that where I was at two years ago – I was living in a house share; I did not love my job and had a very selfish best friend. I drank every Saturday night – a complete depressive. I am now in a very happy relationship; living with my partner; I love my new role and I have learned to be assertive; positive and confident – something I never was before. I don;t drink alcohol (unless a glass of wine very occasionally) I bake once a week. I make a point of trying something different every time. Last night I made raspberry and white chocolate cookies. It makes me happy – just baking – being off in my own little world where the stresses from the day just fade away. It helps me deal with any negative thoughts – I was once told to just sit with my emotions – just let them be. Do not pay heed to what they have to say just let them have their moment of glory and move on. Its amazing how much a healthy lifestyle helps – I power walk 2 miles every morning after a smoothie; work hard, sleep well and have a great life and am ever thankful for what I do have. I will keep reading your blog – you are a true inspiration as a young woman (your only 18 – wow!!) and I wish you lots of joy and happiness in your life.

    Louise xxx

  18. Scarlett,

    Your blog is helping me through a tough time and this is just a heartfelt (if very brief) thank-you.

    PS My favourite drink is hot ribena too (but not until reading your blog have I really admitted that to myself!)


  19. Having been wheelchair bound from 16-18 with herniated discs I understand to a degree what you went through, I alas did not succumb to baking to aid my depression but a variety of prescription pain meds (more fool me). I think your blog is witty, heartwarming and a bloody good read….my hat goes off to you Miss Curtis.

  20. Dear Scarlet,
    I sent you a tweet but gosh that feels a horribly public way to go about doing something like this. I’ve been immersed in your blog for a couple of days now. (I came to it via the DM article.) I love everything about it. I admit I’m not the world’s biggest fan of baking, but I AM a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy, Amy Schumer, The Good Wife and small dogs. I also think you’re an inspiration and I think a lot of other people would too. I’m a literary agent and would love to discuss your writing with you, see if you’d thought about taking it further and writing a book.
    I can’t stop thinking how amazing that would be!
    Very best for now, Nicola

  21. Hi Scarlett,

    I think you should add writing to one of your many talents! This is a wonderful blog and I also read an article that you wrote. You describe the effect depression and anxiety has in a very real way that I know many people will be able to relate to positively. Well done to you for talking about it. It is something I have suffered from myself so I know how hard it is, and how there are too many people who just don’t understand it.
    You have had a lot of challenges to deal with at a young age and you have managed to achieve so much already. There is always hope even when there doesn’t seem to be and everything can change for the better. We don’t all have to live our lives according to a set ‘template’ – so well done to you for breaking the mould!!
    Your baking looks great! I have tried some baking in the last year or so and it is a great sense of achievement. I’ll be trying some of your recipes and following your writing.
    Keep up the good work!
    Laura x

  22. Hi Scarlett,

    I wandered over to your blog after seeing your article in the Daily Mail on twitter… You’ve obviously picked up some good writing genes from your Dad! I just wanted to tell you how inspiring it was, you’ve been through so much for such a young lady yet you seem to conduct yourself with the grace of a wise woman who’s had many years on this earth! I’m glad to find your blog on wordpress, I’ve recently started blogging myself to combat the same illnesses, starting with a challenge called 100 Happy Days, which has really helped me gain some perspective. I look forward to seeing your posts popping up in my reader! Laura 🙂

  23. Hi Scarlett ,
    I was with my granddaughter Mia waiting at the university’s medical centre for yet more anti depressants when we read your Daily Mail article . Thank you , Scarlett , you made our day sunnier . Mia has coped by making Earl Grey muffins , sewing and watching endless “happy ever after” Disney movies that she loved as a child . Helping Mia through the last few months has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do . I just wish there was more support for teenagers with depression and anxiety and more people like you to encourage and cheer .
    Thank you and good luck for the future ,

  24. Glad I found your blog. As a fellow suffer of depression and anxiety and ocd thrown in, it is so refreshing to find someone that is so honest and writes with a real honesty.

  25. Hi Scarlett,
    I really don’t mean to be in any way badgering. Just that getting in touch via blogs can be hit and miss. I emailed a while back to say how much I loved your blogging and your tweeting and your baking – your passion and how you express it and communicate it is infectious. I can’t stop thinking that a book by you would be a very special thing indeed. I’m a literary agent and would love it if you wanted to discuss further.
    And apologies if you had received the previous and chose not to pursue..
    Vert best, Nicola

  26. Hi Scarlett, I’ve recently started following you on Twitter via your mums feed (I’ve got a huge crush on your mum & dad – both hugely inspirational people) and have just read some of the posts on your blog for the first time. I too have suffered with depression from time to time, and understand how isolating it can be, but you appear to have a very sensible head on your shoulders (far more than I ever had when I had to make decisions about my future!) and your experiences so far will put you in good stead for dealing with whatever comes your way in the future. You have made some huge decisions in order to begin to shape your way in the world, and I think you will succeed in whatever you set your mind to. I hope you have the most amazing adventures in New York and, no matter how tough things might get sometimes, that you come out on the other side happier than you’ve ever been. If you need a book for the plane, I can recommend ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes, which made me laugh and cry (snot and everything) in equal measure. Good luck x.

  27. I don’t know if you even read these comments and I don’t usually comment on “famous” people’s blogs but here I am. I used to read Teen Granny and I had no idea who you were, I just adored your writing style and kitting and all the baking in general. Then I found this blog and read that you’re moving to New York and then slowly started to realize you were the same person from Teen Granny and just… WOW! I am so incredibly happy to see how healthy and beautiful you look, especially how happy you are that you’re following your dream. Like you, I for many years thought that depression, anxiety and eating disorders were not normal things to feel therefore not to be talked about and I wish we had been teenagers at the same time. I hope you have a beautiful life in New York and yes, you’re gonna be great!

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  29. Hi Scarlett,

    I hope you are really well!

    I work as a literary agent at Bell Lomax Moreton, a London-based literary agency. We represent autobiographies by Peter Mandelson and Dannii Minogue; non-fiction by Cheryl Cole and Jo Wood, and sports and business books; fiction authors such as Michael Dobbs and Quintin Jardine; and children’s books by authors such as Oliver Jeffers. The agency covers a wide range of authors and genres and we maintain excellent relationships with publishers in order to find out what they are looking to add to their publishing lists. By having so many connections we are then able to make sure that our clients receive the best deal, care and attention possible, for their books.

    I am looking to expand our client base in all directions and after stumbling upon your amazing blog I am really interested to know whether you might have any aspirations to write a non-fiction book based?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,

  30. I delight in, result in I discovered exactly what I was having a look for.
    You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice
    day. Bye

  31. Hi Scarlett,

    My name’s Estelle and I work at Blogging Edge where we run campaigns for bloggers. We currently have a knitting competition going on that I thought you might like to enter, but I couldn’t find contact details or a working Twitter link. Could you drop me an email at estelle@bloggingedge.com so I can send you the competition details? 🙂


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  33. Hot Ribena!????

  34. Hot Ribena!???

    1. Double post…
      * ‘pologies.

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