D.I.Y. Positive Challenge Advent Calendar

Advent 1

It’s hard to express how much I truly love Christmas. Actually more than Christmas I love the time from now until Christmas. Those 25 days where everything suddenly feels a bit more special just because of the time of year. That’s right, I’m that person. I’m that person that’s already wearing a christmas tree necklace and christmas jumpers. The person who won’t listen to any music except Christmas music and who spends hours doing strange, not-that-fun activities just to ‘get into the Christmas spirit’. I just love Christmas. So much.

I miss my family more than ever right now. It’s exactly 2 weeks until I go home and the idea that they’re all in London right now opening their advent calendars and decorating the tree is all the more painful because I know how close I am to being back.

I made this advent calendar last night to try and cheer myself up and because they started lining the streets of New York with Christmas trees and it just all felt so Christmassy and magical. It’s a bit of a different kind of advent calendar but I’m hoping it might become a new tradition.

How to: I started by cutting out 25 bits of paper and on each one I wrote a positive challenge for myself for every day of December. Something that I’ve been too scared to do, or something that I’ve always wanted to do, or just something that might brighten up my day or the day of someone around me. They don’t have to be big challenges, it can be something as simple as ‘smile at 10 people’ or ‘have a nice bath’. Once I’d written down all my challenges I folded them up and put them in a jar. Every day of December I get to pick out a new challenge and I have to do it. That’s the only rule.

I think this is a really fun way to motivate yourself into have a really good December. And to do a few things that might normally be a bit out of your comfort zone. This morning I got ‘meditate for 15 minutes’ which felt like the perfect way to start my month. Although ‘be Taylor Swift all day’ would also have been a good one.

Let me know if you like this idea and if you decide to make one for you or a friend please tweet me pictures.

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Life is Good Because of…


For todays post I thought I would leave you with less words and more pictures. Because it’s Friday and frankly reading is the last thing I feel like doing. I made this drawing for my mum about a year and a half ago when things were just starting to get bad. I think it was my way of reminding myself that there were still good things going on in the world even if my head felt like it was imploding in on itself. I also made one of things that make life bad… which was a lot funner to write and I might share next week.

The truth is life is good because of a lot of things, and I know that for me the things that make life good aren’t the huge achievements or exciting adventures, more often than not those things just scare or overwhelm me. For me what makes me happy is the tiny everyday things, like having a bath or snuggling my cat.  I know that sometimes you will feel so sad that none of these things will help, but sometimes just looking at a list of things that are beautiful and happy can remind you that actually everyday, boring, Doctor-Who-watching, oven-glove-wearing life really is pretty good…

Have a lovely weekend!