Halloween In New York


As it’s Thanksgiving in America I thought it was the perfect time to share some pictures from the last holiday-I-don’t-quite-understand; Halloween. Sometimes I feel so loyal to Christmas that I forget to love any other holiday. But the New York Halloween Parade on 6th Avenue was one of my favourite thing I’ve seen here so far. Something about hundreds and hundreds of people all gathered in the same place to do something solely founded in joy and excitement and celebration of life and death and madness made me so happy. I loved just being there alone, standing in the crowd and watching the costumes and the floats and drunk, slightly creepy wizards walk by.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures and that you’re having a good Thanksgiving wherever you are and whether or not you understand what it’s actually all about. My favourite thing in the parade was the float with Maya Angelou’s face on it but you can barely see it in the photo. I also liked the women dressed in white who were pouring glitter on everyone in the crowd. I think once I leave college this might be my future career…

Halloween-1 Halloween-2 Halloween-3 Halloween-4 Halloween-5 Halloween-6 Halloween-7 Halloween-8 Halloween-9Halloween-10Halloween-12 Halloween-14 Halloween-15 Halloween-16 Halloween-17 Halloween-18 Halloween-19 Halloween-20

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How to Make Friends…


I’ve been reading The Debrief for about 4 months now ever since I realised Emma Gannon (one of my favourite of all the tweeters) worked there and that it was also one of the best of all the websites.

When they asked me to write for them I was incredibly happy and also incredibly scared when I realised they were asking me to write about my experiences making friends at university. Making friends isn’t something I find immensely easy (unless those friends are cats, I’m super good at feline bonding) and it felt like an intimidating subject to write about.

However despite my fears I wrote the article and you can read it here. I talk about trying to make friends, Lost, and calling my mum crying so all in all it’s a pretty fun read. But more importantly it’s an incredible website with inspiring and awesome pieces written by inspiring and awesome women. So check out the website even if you don’t check out my piece. They once put me on a list of their most inspirational tweeters which was one of the best bits of my year even if entirely untrue (unless you’re inspired by crazy tweets about Lost, in which case yes, yes I am very inspiring).

Hope you’re having a good Monday (if such a thing exists).


It’s Okay…

it's okay

1. It’s okay that to wake up every morning feeling like the worlds about to end. Like you want to cancel every single plan that’s ever been made for any of the future and crawl back into bed.

2. It’s okay to never think this feeling is going to end.

3. It’s okay that it’s almost always gone half an hour later.

4. It’s okay that sometimes it doesn’t go.

5. It’s okay that some days are still very dark. That some weeks are still dark. That not everything in your brain is quite as perfect yet as I’d hope it to be.

6. It’s okay to have ice lollies for breakfast.

7. It’s okay to feel you need to wear make up if you want to feel confident.

8. It’s okay to suck at applying foundation.

9. It’s okay to walk around with suckilly applied foundation.

10. It’s okay to need half an hour to mentally get ready for any social interaction.

11. It’s okay to be alone. It’s okay to cancel plans. It’s okay to be a bit quiet. People normally don’t mind.

12. If they do mind it’s okay not to care. It’s okay if some people don’t like you. You don’t have to please everyone. Only you and maybe your cat.

13. It’s okay to feel scared.

14. It’s okay to hate that you feel scared.

15. It’s okay to worry no one will like you.

16. It’s okay to feel insanely happy when it turns out they do like you.

17. It’s okay to eat the same thing every day for a week.

18. It’s okay if all you have on your iPod is audiobooks.

19. It’s okay to not like the same things as everyone else.

20. It’s okay to need time to calm down. To need time on your own. To need to take your time.

21. It’s okay to take pride in the little things, to smile for an hour every time you manage to have a real conversation. To celebrate a day without panic.

22. It’s okay to think you’re never going to get better.

23. It’s okay to get better.

24. It’s okay to like watching The Kardashians. It’s okay to really care about their problems. It’s okay to care when celebrities get hair cuts.

25. It’s okay to have conversations with your dog.

26. It’s okay to have conversations with your dog even if your dog isn’t there.

27. It’s okay to try.

28. It’s okay to fail.

29. It’s okay to succeed, and to tell people when you succeed. It’s okay to brag.

30. It’s okay to hate art galleries. It’s okay to hate foreign movies. It’s okay to have not read a novel since Harry Potter.

31. It’s okay if your parents are your best friends.

32. It’s okay to procrastinate, it’s okay to not finish. It’s okay to give up.

33. It’s okay to feel like none of it’s okay. To feel like it’s over every time you fail, every time you stumble. To not understand why it’s not better than okay by now.

34. It’s okay to keep trying.

35. It’s all okay.

Washington Square Park


Of all the places shaping my New York experience so far, Washington Square Park might just have to be my favourite. It’s located in the middle of most of the NYU buildings so I walk through it most days.

I think the thing I like most about the park is it’s practicality. It’s not romantic, there aren’t any flowers, or rose gardens or ornately decorated works of art. It doesn’t feel like somewhere that people seek out or a tourist destination, it just feels like a part of people’s lives. It’s entrenched into thousands of people’s days, the men playing chess, the women walking their dogs, texting on their phones while their ridiculously oversized or undersized pets run around the dog park. Everyday it’s filled with hundreds of students; eating their lunch in the fountain, running to class, crying quietly on a bench. There’s performance art, chalk art, a lady sitting on the floor selling knitted cupcakes. There are people praying, people begging, people making out on the grass.

For me, walking through Washington Square Park is like a shot of energy. So often I feel so confused here, like I’m not really sure what I’m doing. But if I enter the park feeling lost I normally come out feeling a little more sure that I’m doing the right thing. That this city really is a bit magical, that there are people here who are struggling too but we all secretly know that in the end everything going to be okay.

The other day I was walking through the park at night when a rat ran in front of my path. Now anyone can tell you that this isn’t exactly the nicest experience but as I jumped at the sight of the huge rat scurrying across my path the man walking next to me did exactly the same thing. We both looked up and smiled at each other. Something about the freezing weather and the sight of the disgusting rodent connected us. And for some reason every time I think about that moment I feel better about being here . There’s a cliche often said about big cities that you can feel incredibly lonely even though you’re surrounded by people. But something about the fact that I could bond with a total stranger over a rat makes me feel like this isn’t really the case. I do feel lonely here. I miss my family. I miss England and I miss Posy so much sometimes I just go stand outside the small dog park like a creepy Poodle pedophile. But Washington Square Park almost always makes me feel better. Like everything else it’s messy and it’s a bit dirty and it’s scary at night. But it’s also beautiful, and colourful and it reminds me that I have time. That if things aren’t feeling great today they’re probably going to feel better tomorrow. And meanwhile the park will still be there. And I don’t ever really have to feel alone.

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Here’s What the REAL Cast of Love Actually Look Like Now

It has come to my attention that an article has been published on popular website BuzzFeed titled ‘Here’s What The Cast of “Love Actually” Looks Like Now’. NOW I don’t know who writes for this so called ‘BuzzFeed’ but they obviously have never seen Love Actually as they failed to include several key members of the Love Actually cast.

Before you start panicking I have emailed BuzzFeed asking for a revision to be made to the article and also asking they stop posting news articles as lesbeehonest ain’t no one going to BuzzFeed for news.

You can read the slanderous article in full here

Until they evoke these changes on their so called ‘website’ I have taken the liberty to make the amendments to the article myself and have included them below.


Scarlett Curtis as The Second Lobster. Scarlett found that after her stand out role as the second lobster she was unable to escape the inevitable type casting that comes with such notoriety. She has gone on to play numerous lobsters in hit films such as ‘I Fell in Love with a Lobster’, ‘The Soft Heart Beneath the Tough Shell’, and ‘Lobsters on a Plane’.

Jake Curtis as Spiderman Wise Man. Following his role as Spiderman Wise Man Jake was offered the titular part in the film Spiderman which eventually went to Toby Maguire. He rejected the role, choosing instead to pursue a career as a religious leader. He states that it was the nativity story scene in Love Actually that led him to the Lord and every year him and his congregation don spiderman makeup as they re-enact the birth of Jesus in live time over a 40 day period.

Patrick Delaney as Claudia Schiffers Son. Back in 2003 Delaney was the breakout star of Love Actually but with great fame comes great responsibility and the adoring fans soon went to his head. Patrick fell into a dark hole of meth addiction, public streaking and Twitter rants, but after 5 years of scandalous behaviour his on screen mother came to the rescue and Claudia Schiffer adopted him as her child. He know lives with Schiffer in her house in Notting Hill and runs support groups for young men who played supermodels sons in Christmas romantic comedies.