How to Make Friends…


I’ve been reading The Debrief for about 4 months now ever since I realised Emma Gannon (one of my favourite of all the tweeters) worked there and that it was also one of the best of all the websites.

When they asked me to write for them I was incredibly happy and also incredibly scared when I realised they were asking me to write about my experiences making friends at university. Making friends isn’t something I find immensely easy (unless those friends are cats, I’m super good at feline bonding) and it felt like an intimidating subject to write about.

However despite my fears I wrote the article and you can read it here. I talk about trying to make friends, Lost, and calling my mum crying so all in all it’s a pretty fun read. But more importantly it’s an incredible website with inspiring and awesome pieces written by inspiring and awesome women. So check out the website even if you don’t check out my piece. They once put me on a list of their most inspirational tweeters which was one of the best bits of my year even if entirely untrue (unless you’re inspired by crazy tweets about Lost, in which case yes, yes I am very inspiring).

Hope you’re having a good Monday (if such a thing exists).


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It’s Okay…

it's okay

1. It’s okay that to wake up every morning feeling like the worlds about to end. Like you want to cancel every single plan that’s ever been made for any of the future and crawl back into bed.

2. It’s okay to never think this feeling is going to end.

3. It’s okay that it’s almost always gone half an hour later.

4. It’s okay that sometimes it doesn’t go.

5. It’s okay that some days are still very dark. That some weeks are still dark. That not everything in your brain is quite as perfect yet as I’d hope it to be.

6. It’s okay to have ice lollies for breakfast.

7. It’s okay to feel you need to wear make up if you want to feel confident.

8. It’s okay to suck at applying foundation.

9. It’s okay to walk around with suckilly applied foundation.

10. It’s okay to need half an hour to mentally get ready for any social interaction.

11. It’s okay to be alone. It’s okay to cancel plans. It’s okay to be a bit quiet. People normally don’t mind.

12. If they do mind it’s okay not to care. It’s okay if some people don’t like you. You don’t have to please everyone. Only you and maybe your cat.

13. It’s okay to feel scared.

14. It’s okay to hate that you feel scared.

15. It’s okay to worry no one will like you.

16. It’s okay to feel insanely happy when it turns out they do like you.

17. It’s okay to eat the same thing every day for a week.

18. It’s okay if all you have on your iPod is audiobooks.

19. It’s okay to not like the same things as everyone else.

20. It’s okay to need time to calm down. To need time on your own. To need to take your time.

21. It’s okay to take pride in the little things, to smile for an hour every time you manage to have a real conversation. To celebrate a day without panic.

22. It’s okay to think you’re never going to get better.

23. It’s okay to get better.

24. It’s okay to like watching The Kardashians. It’s okay to really care about their problems. It’s okay to care when celebrities get hair cuts.

25. It’s okay to have conversations with your dog.

26. It’s okay to have conversations with your dog even if your dog isn’t there.

27. It’s okay to try.

28. It’s okay to fail.

29. It’s okay to succeed, and to tell people when you succeed. It’s okay to brag.

30. It’s okay to hate art galleries. It’s okay to hate foreign movies. It’s okay to have not read a novel since Harry Potter.

31. It’s okay if your parents are your best friends.

32. It’s okay to procrastinate, it’s okay to not finish. It’s okay to give up.

33. It’s okay to feel like none of it’s okay. To feel like it’s over every time you fail, every time you stumble. To not understand why it’s not better than okay by now.

34. It’s okay to keep trying.

35. It’s all okay.

Washington Square Park


Of all the places shaping my New York experience so far, Washington Square Park might just have to be my favourite. It’s located in the middle of most of the NYU buildings so I walk through it most days.

I think the thing I like most about the park is it’s practicality. It’s not romantic, there aren’t any flowers, or rose gardens or ornately decorated works of art. It doesn’t feel like somewhere that people seek out or a tourist destination, it just feels like a part of people’s lives. It’s entrenched into thousands of people’s days, the men playing chess, the women walking their dogs, texting on their phones while their ridiculously oversized or undersized pets run around the dog park. Everyday it’s filled with hundreds of students; eating their lunch in the fountain, running to class, crying quietly on a bench. There’s performance art, chalk art, a lady sitting on the floor selling knitted cupcakes. There are people praying, people begging, people making out on the grass.

For me, walking through Washington Square Park is like a shot of energy. So often I feel so confused here, like I’m not really sure what I’m doing. But if I enter the park feeling lost I normally come out feeling a little more sure that I’m doing the right thing. That this city really is a bit magical, that there are people here who are struggling too but we all secretly know that in the end everything going to be okay.

The other day I was walking through the park at night when a rat ran in front of my path. Now anyone can tell you that this isn’t exactly the nicest experience but as I jumped at the sight of the huge rat scurrying across my path the man walking next to me did exactly the same thing. We both looked up and smiled at each other. Something about the freezing weather and the sight of the disgusting rodent connected us. And for some reason every time I think about that moment I feel better about being here . There’s a cliche often said about big cities that you can feel incredibly lonely even though you’re surrounded by people. But something about the fact that I could bond with a total stranger over a rat makes me feel like this isn’t really the case. I do feel lonely here. I miss my family. I miss England and I miss Posy so much sometimes I just go stand outside the small dog park like a creepy Poodle pedophile. But Washington Square Park almost always makes me feel better. Like everything else it’s messy and it’s a bit dirty and it’s scary at night. But it’s also beautiful, and colourful and it reminds me that I have time. That if things aren’t feeling great today they’re probably going to feel better tomorrow. And meanwhile the park will still be there. And I don’t ever really have to feel alone.

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Here’s What the REAL Cast of Love Actually Look Like Now

It has come to my attention that an article has been published on popular website BuzzFeed titled ‘Here’s What The Cast of “Love Actually” Looks Like Now’. NOW I don’t know who writes for this so called ‘BuzzFeed’ but they obviously have never seen Love Actually as they failed to include several key members of the Love Actually cast.

Before you start panicking I have emailed BuzzFeed asking for a revision to be made to the article and also asking they stop posting news articles as lesbeehonest ain’t no one going to BuzzFeed for news.

You can read the slanderous article in full here

Until they evoke these changes on their so called ‘website’ I have taken the liberty to make the amendments to the article myself and have included them below.


Scarlett Curtis as The Second Lobster. Scarlett found that after her stand out role as the second lobster she was unable to escape the inevitable type casting that comes with such notoriety. She has gone on to play numerous lobsters in hit films such as ‘I Fell in Love with a Lobster’, ‘The Soft Heart Beneath the Tough Shell’, and ‘Lobsters on a Plane’.

Jake Curtis as Spiderman Wise Man. Following his role as Spiderman Wise Man Jake was offered the titular part in the film Spiderman which eventually went to Toby Maguire. He rejected the role, choosing instead to pursue a career as a religious leader. He states that it was the nativity story scene in Love Actually that led him to the Lord and every year him and his congregation don spiderman makeup as they re-enact the birth of Jesus in live time over a 40 day period.

Patrick Delaney as Claudia Schiffers Son. Back in 2003 Delaney was the breakout star of Love Actually but with great fame comes great responsibility and the adoring fans soon went to his head. Patrick fell into a dark hole of meth addiction, public streaking and Twitter rants, but after 5 years of scandalous behaviour his on screen mother came to the rescue and Claudia Schiffer adopted him as her child. He know lives with Schiffer in her house in Notting Hill and runs support groups for young men who played supermodels sons in Christmas romantic comedies.

My First Month in New York…


Hello there, remember me? I’m that girl who told you I was moving to New York and then was never heard of again…

In actuality I did move to New York. About a month ago, and while I decided to take a break from writing about it for the first few weeks, I’m back. And I have a lot to say. Well, not that much to say. But quite a lot more to say than I would have about a month where all I did was watch The Good Wife and bake burger shaped cupcakes.

I have a bad habit of getting overly hopeful about the future. The running dialogue in my head normally goes ‘Well yes, things are bad now, but in a month/week/year/century they’re going to be amazing and everything’s going to be perfect and rainbows and unicorns’. And I was definitely thinking that way a before I came to New York. I was trying to prepare myself but I could only really imagine two situations. One where I was the happiest, most sane, put together, popular person who had ever stepped foot in Washington Square Park, and one where I was a compete wreck, cried every day and came home after a week. I just couldn’t imagine a middle ground. I didn’t know what that would look like.

The entire last month has been about finding some way to realize (spelt with a Z because I’m officially an American now) that my life is never going to be as perfect as I dreamt it would be. But it also doesn’t have to be as bad as it used to be. I’m not the perfectly groomed, perfectly stable person of my dreams but I’m also not the 17 year old girl hiding under the covers too afraid to leave her bedroom. I’m somewhere in the middle, like Texas, or a medium rare steak, and it’s been a big job trying to re-wire my brain into not panicking every time something goes wrong. There have definitely been bad bits, but there have also been bits that have been better than I could ever have imagined, and times when I’ve been happier than I ever could have been before. And finding a way to accept that I can feel both happy and sad together has been a complicated thing to do.

Now that I’m settled I’m going to start blogging more, mostly because it turns out you have a lot of free time at university and there’s only so much Gossip Girl a girl can watch (okay, that’s a lie, I can watch an infinite amount of Gossip Girl) but also because I love this blog, and everyone who reads it.

So I will be back, with more details about the good things, and the bad things, and the things in between. But for now I will leave you with two things to ponder on: bed bugs, and bunk beds. Yes, that’s right, you’re eyes do not deceive you, bed bugs (the explanation behind the picture of my leg above)… and BUNK BEDS….

I hope you’re having a lovely day.


Burger Cupcakes…

There’s not much I can write to accompany these pictures as I feel hamburgers made of cake are more of a visual art than a written one. However I will attempt to explain how the whole cake burger situation came about and how you can make some of these yourself. 


In case you are unfamiliar with it, there is a show in the UK called The Great British Bake Off. It is, essentially, the greatest TV show on earth, in fact it may be the greatest thing on earth. There is so much on TV and on the internet that’s about hatred, about pointing out all the horrible things in the world, but the GBBO is solely about joy. It actually makes you feel joyful. And happy. And like things are going to be okay. It’s a beautiful TV show and a beautiful thing to exist and when I think about reasons I’m proud to be British (and reasons I’m sad to be leaving England) The Great British Bake Off comes pretty high on my list. 


In honour of the first episode of the new series last week I decided to try out a new recipe. But it needed to be something special. Something that would make Mary Berry smile and Paul Hollywood claim was focusing too much on ‘style over substance’. It was time to make some hamburger cupcakes. I’d seen things like this on the internet for a while but when I saw the recipe here I couldn’t resist. 


When it comes to baking most things follow the rule that if it looks cool, it’s harder to make, but these were actually surprisingly easy. The recipe essentially breaks down into four stages.

1. Bake your favourite vanilla cupcakes. 

2. Bake your favourite chocolate brownies.

3. Cut the cupcakes in half, cut the brownies into little circles, cut small squares out of yellow fondant or marzipan. 

4. Glaze the top of the cupcakes with honey, sprinkle on some sesame seeds and then assemble. 

I started off by making the big ones which looked amazing but also definitely made most people who looked at them want to vomit. While we were watching Bake Off my dad tried to eat one and judge me in the style of Mary and Paul but he ended up just eating the brownie as he deemed the cake ‘drier than a dried shriveled raisin’. 


So my next attempt came in the form of mini hamburger cupcakes which looked (if possible) even cooler and were actually pretty nice and edible. My friend Anna (who has an amazing blog that you can read here) said next time I make them I should also make real mini hamburgers and then lay them all out on a tray mixed together. She is an evil genius. And I’m definitely doing this as soon as possible. 

I hope you enjoy drooling (or gagging) over these as you prepare for episode 2 of the GBBO. I have yet to develop a favourite but I’m leaning towards the 17 year old girl (who is about as obsessive a baker as me) or the builder with the pencil behind his ear. 

Hope you are having a good day,




Depression Anthems

I’m very bad at music; I’m bad at instruments, I’m bad at singing, I’m bad at listening to music. My iPod is always 75% full of audiobooks and the only playlist on my iPhone is called ‘Music for when my audiobook ends’. My music collection consists almost entirely of Ben Folds, Taylor Swift, Kate Bush and this song by LFO which me and brother will go the grave insisting is the best song ever written. However over the last few months I’ve had two songs on constant repeat.

There are a lot of songs about depression, next to love and yellow submarines I’d say it was one of the most sung about topics, but for me often songs about sadness and depression aren’t great for my mood when I’m actually feeling sad and depressed. But these two songs… well. I’m not actually sure why I write this blog when these two songs exist. For me, they sum up pretty much everything I want to say about everything in life, and the people singing them don’t even have to speak the words to the songs. 

The first is A Better Son/Daughter by Rilo Kiley. It’s the most beautiful and truthful description of what it feels like to have waves of deep depression that I’ve ever come across (although I’m sure there are lots out there) and this verse in particular is my favourite. My and one of my best friends (who also suffers from horrible things but is one of the best people on earth and has a beautiful blog which you can read here) can spend hours talking about how amazing we’re going to be once we feel better, and daydreaming about your life when you are ‘better’ can be dangerous as I think we can all admit that no one on earth is 100% sane. But sometimes it’s also a great thing to think about and one of the only things that can bring you hope. And I love the way this song talks about that. 

And sometimes when you’re on, you’re really fucking on
And your friends they sing along and they love you
But the lows are so extreme that the good seems fucking cheap
And it teases you for weeks in it’s absence
But you’ll fight and you’ll make it through
You’ll fake it if you have to
And you’ll show up for work with a smile
You’ll be better you’ll be smarter
And more grown up and a better daughter
Or son and a real good friend
You’ll be awake and you’ll be alert
You’ll be positive though it hurts
And you’ll laugh and embrace all your friends
You’ll be a real good listener
You’ll be honest, you’ll be brave
You’ll be handsome, you’ll be beautiful
You’ll be happy

And the second is I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers, a song I’ve tweeted about so many times it’s almost a joke and is actually the current ring tone on my phone. I think one of the things people who get really sad don’t like to admit sometimes (or maybe this is just me?) is that actually often the thought of getting better is pretty scary. It’s all you want in the world but sometimes it feels too hard or too daunting or just too overwhelming. So having something that makes you realise you how much you do want to get there, how much you do want to get better, is an amazing thing to have. This song isn’t as specifically about the things I’ve experienced as the other one but every time I hear the chorus I want to cry. Because I do really want to get better. And this is the best reminder. 

I didn’t know I was lonely ’til I saw your face
I wanna get better, better, better, better,
I wanna get better
I didn’t know I was broken ’til I wanted to change
I wanna get better, better, better, better,
I wanna get better

Okay there you go, I’m done talking about music. It’s something I never in a million years thought I would write about on this blog as I find people who talk about music properly, very scary and intimidating but I couldn’t not put these two songs on here. Listen to them, or don’t, or listen to half of them and then switch to Orange is The New Black. And if you have any personal depression anthems please tell me in the comments or on Twitter or by carrier pigeon or even a message in a bottle. I would love to hear your suggestions.

Hope you are having a good day. 


I’m Moving to New York…

Pretending to look studious in Washington Square Park

Pretending to look cool in Washington Square Park

It started, as most good stories do, with Eloise at the Plaza. Next came Friends followed swiftly by Gossip Girl and Sex and the City which I would watch under the covers late at night because I was most definitely too young for the Samantha scenes.

The obsession deepened as I got older. Once I got ill, TV, books and movies were pretty much my full time job, I watched every episode of How I Met your Mother, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, Law and Order SVU and Wizards of Waverley Place. I watched When Harry Met Sally, then You’ve Got Mail, then I never ever stopped watching You’ve Got Mail because it was pretty much the only thing that made me happy. Me and my dad watched Manhattan while eating baked beans on boxing day, followed quickly by Annie Hall and Hannah and her Sisters. I’m not saying I had good taste (I genuinely love and have seen every episode of Wizards of Waverley Place) but my choice in entertainment definitely had a running theme, New York City.

It dominated my reading habits, I lusted over Breakfast at Tiffany’s, raced through Washington Square. Me and my brother read Catcher in the Rye on holiday but we only had one copy so every time I finished a page I had to rip it out of the book and hand it to him. I read A Visit from the Goon Squad, The Nanny Diaries, Watchmen and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. At 16 I read The Great Gatsby, then I read it again, then I read it sixteen more times. I was a walking, talking cliche but I didn’t care. I was obsessed.

On my 16th birthday my mum took me to New York for the first time. As we drove into Manhattan I started to cry, I hadn’t really believed this city existed, it was my Narnia, the place I went to in my bedroom when I was unhappy, but we were actually here. We had coffee and croissants outside Tiffany’s wearing plastic tiara’s, we went to central park zoo, we had tea at the plaza and we tried, in vain, to sneak onto the set of Gossip Girl. I was still in a wheelchair but this meant we got wheelchair seats to the extremely sold out first run of Book of Mormon and we followed that with a Chinese takeaway in our hotel room. I went home in a daze. It was all real and I had to go back.

When my physical pain got better at the age of 17 I found myself a bit stuck. Everyone else my age was halfway through their A levels. I tried to go back to school but then the depression hit and I dropped out again. As my friends left for university I was still sitting in my bedroom watching Friends, not really sure what was going to happen next. I had 4 GCSEs, no A levels and only one plan. I wanted to escape from London, this place where I’d been so unhappy, I wanted to move to New York.

So we made another trip, in preparation I watched Felicity, then Girls, then I watched every episode of Girls three more times just to make sure I was ready. We weren’t even going to visit NYU. I was still pretty fragile and everyone was sure I would never be able to handle such a huge university, let alone actually get in. But as we drove up to Washington Square Park I fell in love. It was everything I had ever dreamed of. Finally after years of flailing and failing I had a goal, New York University.

I arrived back in London and started working on my SAT’s (the American university entrance exam). My anxiety and depression were still pretty bad so I did most of the work in bed while crying and watching Youtube videos. But after missing the first two opportunities to take the exam because I was too nervous I made it to the last one and got through all 3 hours.

I applied to NYU with my four GCSE’s, two essays begging them to let me in, some references from old teachers and an incredible recommendation from an incredible friend. Yesterday I found out I got in.

I actually sort of found out in February which is when you’re meant to find out but my offer came with some conditions. They had liked my application but it had come to their attention that I hadn’t actually been to school since I was 14 so they wanted me to take an NYU course in London over the summer just to make sure I could actually read. I had to get a B if I wanted to get in and that’s what I’ve been doing over the past six weeks. At 4 in the morning last night I found out I got 2 A’s so in 18 days I leave for New York.

I know it’s not going to be like the movies. It’s going to be scary, and dirty, and I’m going to feel like I can’t get through it. But I’m going. After 5 years of cancelling things, dropping out of schools and sitting in my bedroom crying I’m finally leaving the house. I’m very scared. But I’m also very excited. And I’m excited about this blog being full of more things that just me baking cupcakes. Although my dorm does have an oven so late night baking is definitely still going to be an option.

I will keep you updated, and who knows, it might literally all be too much and I’ll be back in London after two weeks. But I’m going to try and make it work, and if that means I cry every day of the first month I’m okay with that, I cry most days anyway so I might as well do it from New York!

I hope you’re having a wonderful week.


Pretending to look studious outside NYU

Pretending to look studious outside NYU

All Good Things Healthy Peanut Butter Banoffee Pie Recipe

Pie 6

To ‘healthy’ or not to ‘healthy’ seems to be a recurring question in my baking life these days. I started experimenting with healthy (ish) ingredients and raw ‘baking’ a few months ago and I have to admit it’s a lot of fun. Dates, almonds and coconut oil seem to take on a whole new meaning when you have a high speed blender at hand and I always feel like a God when revealing that yes, that thing you just tasted that was very yummy, it’s also good for your hair.

I compiled this banoffee pie recipe from a few different places. My awesome friend (and semi-relative, I think) Clem has an amazing blog called Clem Fresh which is basically an online guide to being a goddess and she is famous for her raw, no sugar, no butter, no anything but yummyness banoffee pie recipe. Then I found a recipe for peanut butter mousse on Minamalist Baker and the whole thing just kind of clicked into place.

So here it is, it’s very yummy, it contains no bad things, and it looks very pretty. If you decide to make it please tweet me a picture and I hope you have a great weekend binge watching Orange is the New Black.

Warning: This recipe requires chilling a can of coconut milk in the fridge for at least 5 hours (preferably over night). So make sure you do that…

Pie 1

Base: 1 cup almonds, 1 cup pecans, 2 cups dates, 1 tbsp coconut oil

1. Grease a pie dish with coconut oil.

2. In a strong blender or mixer, grind the nuts into a sandy texture. Add the dates and oil and keep blending until the mixture comes together and is nice and sticky.

3. Put in the fridge to harden for about an hour.

Pie 2

Caramel: ¼ cup peanut butter, ¼ cup agave, 1 tbsp almond milk to thin it out, 3 bananas

1. Mix together the peanut butter and agave in a small cup and add the almond milk if you’d like a thinner more caramel-y texture.

2. Spread mixture on top of base.

3. Slice bananas into coins and lay out over caramel.

Pie 3

Cream: 1 can coconut milk (chilled for at least 5 hours in the fridge) , 3 tbsp peanut butter, 3 tbsp agave

1. Take chilled coconut milk out of the fridge and without shaking remove the lid.

2. Scoop the cream out of the can, leaving the liquid at the bottom, and put it into a mixing bowl with the peanut butter and agave.

3. Using an electric whisk, whisk the mixture until it comes together and is nice and creamy.

4. Spoon on top of bananas and add some nuts or some more bananas for a little bit of decoration.

Keep the pie in the fridge until serving time and then tuck in enjoy and try to convince everyone it actually is kind of healthy.

Pie 4

What’s in my Makeup Bag?

Make Up 3

1. Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. 2. Smashbox Eyeshadow Trio in Litho. 3. Smashbox Waterproof Liner in Bare. 4. Anastasia Brow Wiz. 5. Real Techniques Accent Brush, Base Shadow and Deluxe Crease Brush. 6. By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow Stick in Misty Rock and Black Pearl. 7. Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Afternoon Tea. 8. Sephora Eyelash Curlers. 9. L’Oreal Super Liquid Eyeliner.

Make up 1

1. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. 2. Real Techniques Blush Brush & Buffing Brush. 3. Nars Blush Stick in Orgasm. 4. Mac Studio Fix Powder. 5. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter. 6. Kevin Aucoin The Sculpting Powder.

Make up was probably my first true love. Make up or Gareth Gates, I’m not really sure which came first. There’s something so magical about it. The sleek packaging, how tiny every separate piece is and the endless possibilities it can lead to. The way that dogs feel when you take a tennis ball out of your pocket, that’s how I feel about make up.

However when my depression started my relationship with my slightly out of control lip-gloss collection became slightly muddled. At my worst even the idea of make up sent me into a tizzy. I could barely look at my face in the mirror let alone spend any time trying to make it look any nicer. My body image issues were already so bad that the thought of spending any amount of time actually focusing on my face felt like it was just going to make it worse.

After about 6 months of barefaced living I was starting to feel a tiny bit better and I began to fill my still sleepless nights with YouTube videos. I want to do whole post on the world that is YouTube and Youtubers because I think it is a truly extraordinary thing but if you’re not already familiar with it then I highly recommend Zoella, Tanya Burr and Louise (sprinkleofglitter).  That was where I started anyway and after months of avoiding my mirror in the same way that most people avoid Piers Morgan, these girls began to change the way I was thinking.

Hearing them talk about mascara and moisturizers and eye shadow, as silly as it sounds, reminded me how much joy these things used to bring me. In my head make up had become something bad, all about vanity and trying to impress other people, and seeing as how I had very few people in my life at that time it seemed pointless to engage with a world that was all about looking good on the outside.

But as I watched more videos and began to dip my toe back into my makeup stash I started to realize something quite different. For me, make up has nothing to do with other people. And now, when I put my make up on, it feels like one of the most loving things I can do to myself. I’m not rejecting the way I naturally look, or trying to cover anything up, I’m just using the tools I have to enhance the things I already (sometimes) like about myself. It’s like when superman puts on his cape, he’s still superman without the cape, but the cape shows the world just how awesome he really is. Make up’s a way to express yourself, it’s a way to show yourself that actually you have really beautiful eyes, or an amazing smile, and if it takes a slash of eyeliner or a bright orange lip to make you believe that then it’s definitely worth it. There’s a quote in Castle (which is an amazing TV show by the way) that says ‘Make up makes us look beautiful to ourselves. That’s what makes us look beautiful to others.’ And I couldn’t agree more

So my love affair with make up is back on (think of us as Ross and Rachel post break). And I might start talking about it more on this blog, because when it comes to make up I have a lot to say. But for now here’s what’s in my make up bag at the moment, and yes, it’s all very dirty, because I’m a person, and I actually use it.

Have a lovely day,